Mostly improvisational swamp jazz :)

R2D's Automated Garden of Ragas

This is a set of supercollider compositions to musicially illustrate some l-systems I wrote. Each example is an L-System and uses intervals/ratios from ragas to make music. It started last year when I worked a bit on @avanka ’s lsystems drawing tool. That was fun. Then, I rediscovered an L-System composition thingy from . It’s fun, too. There’s a lot more at Github repo. Succulent, after Bourke


Yes, we have no bananas.

The Writing on the Wall

A very old web art experiment. I’d Hazard a guess at about 2001.

Emergency Exit

Madcap improvisational electronic swamp jazz. And Techno. Lest we forget!

Gaps in Berlin

Slideshow This is a work of Ina Wudtke’s on which I collaborated. The slideshow here corresponds to the exhibition here. Introduction The places depicted here are a small selection of locations of former public Jewish institutions in Berlin before the Holocaust. I have chosen especially those larger institutions which have had a lasting effect on the cityscape and the spiritual life of the city; schools, hospitals and synagogues, for instance. Furthermore, there existed thousands of businesses and private organisations in Berlin which were destroyed on Kristallnacht, November 9, 1938.


poetaster’s leaning tower of babel …

Below, poems, some of which may have appeared in
Secrets from the Orange Couch, grain, Fiddlehead, Nexus Magazine,
blue buffalo, Dandelion, and others ….


music moving images

Was an international cast and crew expanding the art of silent movie accompaniment.


Heiner Müller, in the main.

rampart & keep

DIY Synths

I’ve been building musical toys much of my adult life. Here are two, open source synths I build and play. You can build you’re own using the plans at the repository