Curriculum Vitae Mark Washeim

Media Art

interactive digital video and music

Gaps in Berlin
Berlin, 2003, for Ina Wudtke, and NBK, Kunstbank Berlin
Description: DVD & Book. Collaboration on the production of a DVD containing photographs of Jewish properties once seized by the Nazi state in the 1930s.
Roles: Editing, Translation, Animation, DVD production

Berlin, 2002, 2006
Description: live film performance. And antidote to the music video. Sampled film, flee-market super 8 footage, film music clichés, etc are performed into short films. Music is largely arranged in advance. Video is composed on a laptop computer using software of my own design. Appearances include the Alternativa Festival in Praha, Czech Republic, and a residency at Tacheles EV, Berlin.
Roles: Script writing and dramaturgy. Playing of video samplers. Production of interactive CD-ROM.
Participants: Dave Allen, bass, Matthew Cottam, violin + keyboards, Bob King synthesis + sampling, Daniel Plashues, guitars + fx, Lou Widera, drums

Emergency Exit
Berlin, 2002, 2006
Description: improvisational audio-visual electro-aucoustics. Three performers, all visual artists and musicians, improvise punk-tek-jazz eventually yielding noise. Video is improvised at the same time as sound is produced. Appearances include The Illuseum Amsterdam, MS Stubnitz, Rostock
Recordings: Yes, we are. 2003
Roles: Programming and playing audio-visual samplers, synthesisers.
Participants: Dr. Nexus, machines, Trodza, guitars and machines

They Say
I.M. Eimer, Berlin, 2001
Description: Audio-visual sampler performance. They say is a video performance which re-presents found news media footage from the civil-war and genocide in Rwanda, 1994.
Roles: research, writing, programming and playing of audio-visual samplers

A Beautiful War Dance
Berlin, New York, 2001, for Ina Wudtke
Description: an audio-visual poem. DVD in production for acquisition, 2004.
Roles: animation and programming

The Other World of the Outer World
New Gallery, Calgary, Canada, 1996 -
Description: The Other World of the Outer World is an interactive video which engages the viewer/participant in a dialog about the boundaries between the so-called natural world and the ‘man-made’ world. The work presents the common symbiosis of things we often refer to as ‘natural’ or ‘man-made’ using found texts, rotoscoped video, recorded sound and so on. The viewer/participant manipulates ‘scenes’, constructing hybrid world views with a computer.
Roles: writing, animation, sound design, programming

Various films with Vendetta (script, camera, edit)

Writing and Publication

Poetry, essays, reviews
In the Canadian periodical s: Fiddlehead, grain, Hippocampus, id est, Nexus Magazine, SansCrit, Secrets from the Orange Couch

Poetry Collection
The End of Light (1991, Provo Publishing)

Translations (from German)
Heiner Müller: The Poems, unpublished
Peter Handke: Unter Tränen fragend, unpublished
Hans Magnus Ensenzberger: Collected Poems, private
Karl Valentin: plays translated for the theatre company One Yellow Rabbit, Calgary, Canada.

i.e. magazine: 1992 -1993
Founding and managing editor; editorial and production responsibilities entailed

Design Commissions


National Film Board of Canada
Promotional materials for “The Suburbanators”, a Gary Burns film.

National Film Board of Canada
Promotional materials for “The Dreams of the Night Cleaners”, a Leila Sujir film

University of Calgary, Nickle Arts Museum
Design of catalogue for “35 years and 15 minutes: Prints by John Kenneth Esler”

Calgary International Boys Choir
Design of the book “Wicked Little Angels”

Vocational History

2017 - present:, (Berlin, Germany)

2006 - 2017: newthinking communication, (Berlin, Germany)

1996 - 2001: Critical Mass Inc., (Calgary, Canada)
Founder, VP Technical,
Clients include(d): Mercedes-Benz, USA, Hyatt, Smirnoff, Nike, NASA, Proctor and Gamble, Dell

1998 - 2001: Largemedium, (Stockholm, Sweden)
Technical Director
Clients include(d): Saab Automobile

1994 - 1996: Canada Connect Corporation (Calgary, Canada)

1991 - 1995: Dandelion Magazine Society (Calgary, Canada)
Business Manager and responsible for the graphic design and production of Dandelion and blue buffalo magazines (design/pre-press)


1986 - 1991: University of Calgary - BA, major in History and Psychology