stardate 20231002

I just don’t blog, now, do I. But I sometimes make a thing. Supercollider sequence.

This is a mix of 4 tweets from Fredrik Olofsson, more or less turned on an off on a whim.

The supercollider sounds are more or less copies from old sctweets by Olofsson. He’s genius :)

You can find them there.

// --tweet0140
x={a=LFTri;,0,Dswitch([Dseq((1..8),4),Dseq([60,1,2],[4,3])]/2,Dseq([0,1],99))*99),0,3e3,300))}.play// #SuperCollider

// --tweet0141 Start with this and THEN do 0140 and proceed
y={Mix({|i|;[50,*99]@@i,*,j*500)}!8)/3!2}.play// #SuperCollider

z={{|i|;,8-i)+1*99,*,50)}!8)/2}.play// #SuperCollider

r={l=LocalBuf(b=1e4,2);{|i|*[8,19.2]),l,a/[i+1]*b)}!3;,l,1/9,1,0,1).clip2,b)/2}.play// #SuperCollider