stardate 20240216

Having neglected the blog, I thought I’d report what the analog Hd

sounds like when it meets the keep.

So, what’s up Doc?

stardate 20231127

No, I still do not really blog. I’m just practicing writing markdown to keep from forgetting it again.

So, what’s up Doc?

stardate 20231119

No, I still do not really blog. However, twice with in the span of 4 weeks, I saw the same puzzle pop up. Once on Hacker News with a neat let’s make a solution using Sympy as a solver and once, well, in typical newspaper fashion.

This is the oft used form:

(courtesy of: the most prolific puzzle machine of twitter, eh, x, eh, whatever.)

stardate 20231002

I just don’t blog, now, do I. But I sometimes make a thing. Supercollider sequence.

stardate 20200620

I thought I’d make a note of the fact that I’m rebuilding the site :) Since I’ve begun posting material for the synths I’m building, it became apparent that much of the old site was not just dated. I’m dated :)