stardate 20240421

In a recent blog article, Kevin of diyelectromusic went to some lengths to look at using vactrols for a VCA with an ESP32 project.

I hadn’t intended on reading it all ( but then I opened my gob on mastodon before having done so and recognized, now I was done for. I’d have to see what he was actually up to. This can be quite involving. Kevin does a great job of documenting the minute details of the experimental procedure. Damn it.

This reading all got me thinking, as I use vactrols in my Keep synth and for tremollo effects all being purely analog applications … do I need to learn something on this front?

And the voltages are much higher than those Kevin has to work with. And, curiousity killed the cat.

stardate 20240216

Having neglected the blog, I thought I’d report what the analog Hd

sounds like when it meets the keep.

So, what’s up Doc?

stardate 20240216

Sometimes when you’re just digging about for a sample ….

stardate 20231127

No, I still do not really blog. I’m just practicing writing markdown to keep from forgetting it again.

So, what’s up Doc?

stardate 20231119

No, I still do not really blog. However, twice with in the span of 4 weeks, I saw the same puzzle pop up. Once on Hacker News with a neat let’s make a solution using Sympy as a solver and once, well, in typical newspaper fashion.

This is the oft used form:

(courtesy of: the most prolific puzzle machine of twitter, eh, x, eh, whatever.)

stardate 20231002

I just don’t blog, now, do I. But I sometimes make a thing. Supercollider sequence.

stardate 20200620

I thought I’d make a note of the fact that I’m rebuilding the site :) Since I’ve begun posting material for the synths I’m building, it became apparent that much of the old site was not just dated. I’m dated :)